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I selected the Xylotex 3 Axis kit with 497 oz.in. motors.
Included is a 3 stepper motor driver board with the cable to connect your computer's parallel port, small fan to cool the drivers, power supply, motors and complete instructions. I chose the Xylotex package overHobby CNC because of the larger motors available and everything was included.

Stepper Motor Driver BoardXS-3525/8S-3 Stepper Motor Driver Board and IDC26-DB25 cable.
2.3" X 2.3" X 1" 24VDC Fan with 2-pin Molex connector.
24VDC/5.0A Power Supply24VDC/5.0A Power Supply with 120VAC Power Cord, and 24VDC Pigtail. When I inspected the power supply I noticed the PS board was touching the case on one side (cocked). Looking inside it was not in the board guides case the case on the right side. I opened the case (broke the warranty seal) and slid the circuit board in position. Tested it and all is well. Normally I wouldn't of broken the seal but Xylotex has a very good reputation with the hobbyists so I risked it.
497 oz.in. Nema 23 Mounting Double Stack/Double Shaft Bipolar Stepper Motor.497 oz.in. Nema 23 Mounting Double Stack/Double Shaft Bipolar Stepper Motor.
These 497 oz.in. stepper motors have 3/8" output shaft and a 1/4" end shaft so you can connect a manual positioning wheel.
encloseTo enclose the power supply, driver board, etc. I ordered a case from Antek inc and was very pleased when it arrived.

All panels, bolt together with 6-32 screws and press nuts, can be removed for hole drilling. Top cover and rear panels are made of 0.06” thick aluminum with gray texture paint. Base panel made of .09” thick aluminum. Front panel is extra thick .13” aluminum with brushed anodize clean panel finished. Dimension = 12”W x 12”D x 4”H.
controller box I got the controller box put together today and was happy how everything fit inside with room left over. I ran short pigtails out the box to connect to the CNC, not sure yet how I plan to terminate them. Probably just solder and make a permanent connection to the motors.
tested the motorsI tested the motors (don't have any limit or home switches called out yet) and all went rather well. Couple of problems in my configuration settings and just need to plan on a bit of learning as time goes on. My laptop fits nice on top of the controller and with just a simple off on switch and power light it is not to complicated of a box.
Completed CaseAfter trying 3 different computers I was able to get Mach2 CNC to work on a Dell desktop. I was not able to get Mach3 work for me.
Done!Although the above picture shows the buffer I installed for the controller, I wound up removing it and crunching the darn thing up with a hammer. Mach3 now works on any PC. The buffer caused me lots of grief.