Home Built CNC Router and Plasma Table
(8020 Belt Drive)

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4x8 Plasma CNC

CNC Router

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Sample work cut on the Router.

These are some images of some of the earlier stuff I carve out.

There are more but I have been busy updating the whole website, as time permits. Will start adding the newer pictures soon as possible.

This is a video of the CNC in operation.

Wine Bottle Holder
Kelso's Rabbits
Maple Leaf Plaque
Walleye V-Carve
CD Folding Templates
Santa, painted by my wife
18" Aztec Lazy Susan
20" 3-D Bass and Golfer
Zodiac Solar Disc Lazy Susan
11" Bass Wall Clock
Desk Clock
3-D Lab Shelf Clock
Cedar Grilling Planks
This is the story of grilling a Fish on my Cedar Planks/Serving Dishes.
Rotating 8 Gun Rack
with magnets.

Rotating Gun Rack
Rotating Pistol & Revolver Rack
Rotating Pistol Rack
10" Walleye Desk Dish
Walleye Desk Dish
7"x8" Oak Aquarius Planchette
Aquarius Planchette
Cartoon Bar Sign, 18"x18" pine.
Bar Sign
Smokin' Rufus BBQ 20"x20"
Smokin Rufus
Pine Cribbage Board
Cribbage Board
18" Walnut Pheasant
18" Oak Family Plaque
Diggins Family Sign
Pheasant on Ash
Pheasant on Ash
Three gone fishin' signs. Walleyes on Ash.

Ray has gone fishin
Gone fishin
Gone Fishing
Another Phesant on Ash
Phesant Plaque
Walleye on Ash
Walleye Carving
Traded some Carving for a toy box.
Toy box for the grandchildren
Another shot of Caleb and Alex's toy box.
Header board for a toy box
2 ducks, wood is unfinished

Ryan Toy Box Header
8"x18" Mahogany Moose
Moose Carving
Little Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box Open
Potato and Onion Box
Potato and Onion Box
Potato and Onion Box open
Urn Box, I carved the image and others built, finished, and painted it.
Urn Box
A Wren House that my wife painted.
Wren House