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4'x8' CNC Plasma Torch Construction Log.

Page #2.
June 5th. 2009

I considered using roller chains to drive the CNC and 1/2" wide L belts for the differential. I ordered a 10' length of #35 roller chain and 24 tooth sprockets to see what they would look like. In the mean time everyone I asked said, "It won't work!" Was taking for ever for the chain to get here so I went ahead and ordered all the L belt pulleys and went that direction. The roller chain finally came in yesterday and after looking at it I am pretty sure that it would of worked and saved me a few hundred FRNs. If there is a next time I am sure going to give it a try.

X-Drive The bearings and pulleys are mounted on the gantry.
Mounted the motor and differential belt. All looks real good, to me. 
X-Belt Clamp The belt clamp for dragging around the Z-axes is installed. I will wait until I get the bearing and pulley setups configured for the Y before I order the belts. That will give me a few weeks to save up for what I hope is the last big cash layout.
Electronics Tomorrow I am planning on starting to mount and connect up the electronics.
Used aluminum hard drive cooler from Tiger Direct for the 2 Gecko drives. The heat sink unbolted and turned upside down on the stand. I then tapped the heat sink and bolted on the little drives.
Electronics 6/13/2009
The controls are connected and all is well except the Z drive. II found a blob of solder under the board, dug it out and it powers up but it's toast. No motor output so I am going to order another Gecko Monday, oh well. There is plenty of room and good air circulation with the intake and exhaust fans. I modified some of the bearing setups and it's time to get back to the table. I am having some grief trying to figure out the motor mounts but we will get them figured out.
X Motor Mount   6/26/2009
Fabricated and installed the motor mounts and connected the differential belts.
Motor Mount Y Drive
Z Motor Mount Z Drive. I used the XL belt for the Z and a 260 oz/in motor. I think it will work for us.
Z Axes The Z axes is going to have a floating head attached. The stepper is just for raising and lowering the whole assembly to get it out of the way. When it is time to cut it lowers the torch to the material and the floating head will keep things at the proper distance. I think I know what I am doing with this part.
Belt Clamps All the belt clamps are installed and I ordered the belts this morning. Rather costly as Econo Belt doesn't have long enough belting for the Y, I wound up having to order these from McMaster-Carr.
Tight Package This weekend is the 4th. of July and I am planning on getting the table wired up, the belts on and tune the motors. I would like to be able to give it a test run and see if she is gonna jump off the saw horses. Looking foreword to finishing the machine up and start burning some steel.
Plasma CNC July 11, 2009
On the next page I have a group of general images. The machine is tuned and the table is setup. Next step is to finish the floating head then build the legs and deck to hold the material.

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