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Building the CNC Router Project, part 2

This is the second part of my CNC build. Some day I will get a video camera and take a few movies of the router in action.

I have it set to rapid at 300 ipm. and usually carve and cut at 100 ipm. Cutting much faster than 100 makes me nervous as I can bog down the router or rip the material from the clamps etc. To me a small table, that is plenty fast and it is safe. The motors never stall or skip a step so I don't know what she would if I had a big runway.

I was a little concerned about the jack shaft being in my way but that has not been an issue. I do have to bend over to clamp the material and get on one knee to change bits :-)

MDF deckI wrote a routine to mark the MDF deck at .05" with 1" squares and another routine to drill some 1/4" holes for the material clamps. I think it is going to work good for me and if nothing else I can make checker boards.
heavy plastic around the sidesPut some heavy plastic around the sides and back to try and keep the dust contained. I will need to figure out some sort of vacuum dust collector for the machine.
Router 13 
The Ball ScrewThe Ball Screw wound up being very slow so I schemed up a way to replace it with a belt drive. This came out real good and my motor tuning for X and Y are set exactly the same.
Router 15The bolt through deck clamping system didn't work very good so I put T-Slot on to of the MDF which made a much better clamping arangement.
Router 16A dust collection hood was cut and I used shop vac. hose to a small cyclone attached to a 5 gallon bucket and a Harbor Freight fan.
Router 17All finished!

I couldn't be happier with how fast and accurate it came out.
 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will probably add more as time goes on. Maybe even a video or 2.
 Thanks for visiting and e-mail me with any questions. Ernie