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Mysteries of the Earth
A Comprehensive Collection of Earth Mystery Writings.

It is known, and the story comes down from ancient times, that there was not one creation but two, a creation and a re-creation. It is a fact known to the wise that the Earth was utterly destroyed once then reborn on a second wheel of creation.
(The Book of Creation, the destruction and recreation, chapter 4)

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Below is the list of books on this CD.
Take a moment and read over the editorials and descriptions of these interesting works. They were written by scholarly individuals who present sincere thoughts and study references in their work. Includes the Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Atlantis, Earth Destruction and Recreation, and Much More.

The Book of Earths
by Edna Kenton 1928
A compendium of views of earth, its features, and the universe from a variety of cultures and time periods. Profusely illustrated with figures and plates.
Includes: Man's quest in space; Figures of earth; The creation of the world; Upholders of the world; Primeval earth; Babylonian universe; Egyptian universe; Earth moon catastrophe; Deluge; Lost Atlantis; Lost land of the west; Trees of the world; Mountains of the world; Wheel of life; Earth the mundane egg; Systems of the universe; Square earth of Cosmas Indicopleutes; Peruvian universe; Aztec universe; Tartar-Mongol worlds; Maps of the earth; Earth of Columbus; Dante's universe; Earth the heart of the cosmos; Saint Hildegard's universe; Earths in the universe; Wheels upon wheels; World octaves; Earth a hollow sphere; Tetrahedral earth; Bibliography.

Christian Topography

by Cosmas Indiopleustes
Translated by J. W. McCrindle 1897

Cosmas' description of the figure of the world, and his refutation of the Pagan (hoi ekso) doctrine of the sphere. What is fascinating to me about this book is the manner in which Cosmas pursues his line of argument. Despite his wide store of particular geographical information gained in the course of his travels, Cosmas prefers to present his image of the world with a highly abstract constructive demonstration.

Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not A Globe

by Parallax (Samuel Birley Rowbotham) 1881

Zetetic astronomy: Earth not a globe! : an experimental inquiry into the true figure of the Earth proving it a plane without axial or orbital motion and the only material world in the Universe!

Phantom of the Poles

by William Reed 1906
The hollow Earth theory holds that Earth is not a solid sphere but is hollow and has openings at the poles. Furthermore, an advanced civilization, the Agartha, exists within Earth.

A Journey to the Earth's Interior

by Marshall B. Gardner 1920
"The Earth is hollow. The Poles, so long sought, are phantoms. There are openings at the northern and southern extremities. In the interior are vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. Vegetable and animal life are evident in this New World and it is probably peopled by races unknown to dwellers on the Earth's surface".

The Cellular Cosmogony

by Koresh 1922
The cellular cosmogony; or, The earth a concave sphere: The Universology of Koreshanity (with addendum: "Astronomy's false foundation.")


by Charles G. Leland 1875
Leland's translation of Professor Neumann's narrative from the Chinese text of the Yearbook and that of Hoei-shin, the Buddhist monk, on the possibility of the Buddhists discovering America. Also included is a letter from Colonel Barclay Kennon, who passed several years in the North Pacific, and is of the opinion that the voyage supposed to have been taken by the Buddhist monks is easily practicable, and might be effected even in an open boat.

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

by Thomas Wentworth Higginson 1898
And while he was thus singing his verse near the door, there came suddenly a mighty storm of wind, so that the king and all his nobles thought the castle would fall on their heads. They saw that Taliessin had not merely been singing the song of the wind, but seemed to have power to command it. Then the king hastily ordered that Elphin should be brought from his dungeon and placed before Taliessin, and the chains came loose from his feet, and he was set free.

Stories of Atlantis

(Atlantis) CRITIAS by Plato 360 BC
The story is about the conflict between the ancient Athenians and the Atlantians 9000 years before Plato's time. Knowledge of the distant past apparently forgotten to the Athenians of Plato's day, the story of Atlantis was conveyed to Solon by Egyptian priests. Solon passed the tale to Dropides, the great-grandfather of Critias. Critias learned of it from his grandfather also named Critias, son of Dropides.

Atlantis, the Antediluvian World
by Ignatius Donnelly 1882
This classic offers an erudite blend of evidence from geologic, oceanographic, and anthropologic studies and remains a captivating work of and enthusiasm and imaginative thought. 128 illus.
Sacred Theory of the Earth by Thomas Burnet 1691
The sacred theory of the earth,: In which are set forth the wisdom of God displayed in the works of the creation, salvation, and consummation of all things.

Books of the Ancient Culdee
The Culdee, Kuldee or Céli Dé (lit. "vassals of God") formed an ancient monastic order with settlements in Ireland and Scotland. In early Irish manuscripts the name is Cele De, that is, God's sworn ally.

The Book of Creation
It is known, and the story comes down from ancient times, that there was not one creation but two, a creation and a re-creation. It is a fact known to the wise that the Earth was utterly destroyed once then reborn on a second wheel of creation.
(the destruction and recreation, chapter 4)

The Book of Gleanings
It is written, in The Great Book of the Firehawks, that Earth was destroyed twice, once altogether by fire and once partially by water. The destruction by water was the lesser destruction and came about in this manner.
(the deluge, chapter 4)

The Book of Manuscripts
Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour.
(the great scroll, chapter 3, the destroyer pt.1)

The Book of Scrolls
This concerns the mystery of the Twice Born. It relates to those born again, to those who have endured the awfulness of the false death which many do not survive; who have drunk deeply from Koriladwen, the smooth bitter brew which releases the spirit; who have entered Ogofnaum through the thundering doors. This is their path.
(sacred registers pt. 9)

The Book of the Sons of Fire
In the days when the city was being built, the barbarians came and went freely among us Many came but stood off and watched from afar, for they did not understand our ways. Among those who came was Cluth, the son of Cladda and brother of Cladwigen, and he talked with Amarahiti in the days when she was still in her father's household. In those days she sat at the Place of the Talking Stone, which still stands in its place, for she was among those who sought to know the speech of the barbarians.
(the rolls of record 8)

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