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Morgellons, a Disease or Symptom?

Read->HEALTH EFFECTS: Fluoride & the ThyroidMorgellons Skin Crawling

Cases of Morgellons are seen all over the United States, especially costal areas, with the highest incidence being reported in California, Texas, and Florida. Symptoms of Morgellons include the sensation of insects crawling, rashes, boil like sores, fatigue, and concentration problems. There are more severe problems that are attributed to Morgellons and they continue to increase as time goes on.

"The name Morgellons was coined around 2002 by Mary Leitao to a proposed condition referred to by the Centers for Disease Control as Unexplained Dermopathy and characterized by a range of cutaneous (skin) symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores)." source

Research and data collection centers are growing up around this Morgellons problem with lots of money to be made. I encourage you to search the internet and different writings for much more information.

This writing is only my opinion, but I know how I gave myself Morgellons, or should I say, gave myself all the symptoms. I can tell you how to increase the symptoms, control or reduce them, and how to stop them completely.

There are a couple of keys to the Morgellons syndrome. First the largest concentration is in the costal areas. Second (my searching) indicates that it is mostly if not totally related to the people that are into natural medicines and remedies.

Here we go. How I gave Myself Morgellons!

A few years back I heard a talk given by an old medical doctor on the health benefits of Iodine. The talk regarding an iodine regiment was about the thyroid gland. Basically the majority of people have a non function thyroid because of the lack of Iodine in their bodies.  The thyroid gland makes and stores hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. Thyroid hormones are essential for the function of every cell in the body. They help regulate growth and the rate of chemical reactions (metabolism) in the body. The thyroid cleanses the body of heavy metals and pollutants by eliminate poisons through the pores.

If our thyroid isn't working or is jammed up with heavy metals our bodies will just continue to accumulate and store the toxins. We need iodine in our diet or a supplement for the thyroid to do it's job. Our biggest heavy metal contaminate is the aluminum fluoride that is added to much of the water supply, tooth pastes, mouth wash, and many foods. There is really no way to filter this stuff out or get rid of it. It is just pure poison that is used as forced medication of the population for supposedly a tooth and bone enhancer. Fluoride is also the main ingredient in rat poison.

After listening to the doctor's talk I went and searching for Lugals Iodine. Couldn't find any but he also was telling us that Potassium Iodide tablets would also work. These are the tablets that are used as a thyroid blocker in case of a nuclear accident.

Got some Potassium Iodide tablets (KI4U) and started with a heavy regiment, after a month I worked down to 1 tablet every day, as he directed.

I really noticed an improvement in my mental attitude and concentration. Lost a little weight, slept nicely and an improvement in my digestion. My thyroid had been cleansed and things were working along smoothly.

My problems started in the below order about 3 months after taking the iodine supplement.

I started to have an odd taste on my lips which continued to increase in intensity. It is not metallic but an odd salt type taste. I can't describe it although the taste is not over powering or anything, but just something that is there, always. I attributed it to the heavy metals being purged from my body.
Next came the creepy skin crawling. A couple of times a week it would get so bad that I would wake up with a feeling that bugs were crawling out of my pores. I could get some relief by taking a very hot shower. This became much worse and began happening during the day as well as at bed time. The bug crawling got so bad that it became pretty much constant. A shower would give me only a couple of hours relief and they would start crawling out of my skin again.
Then came the boils. Not really boils but boil like sores from 1 to 4 at a time in different, very tender locations. The filaments described for Morgellons were there and the sores were very evil. Reminded me of a light case of the ailment of Job.
I never got the rashes, so it seems like my condition didn't progress to the extent as many that are reported.

Some of my observations:
Costal population and natural health remedies, people seem to have the largest reported occurrences.
Iodine is needed for the proper function of the thyroid gland.
Heavy metals (aluminum) will shut down the thyroid.
Overloading the thyroid with an iodine regiment so it can purge the aluminum from it and out of the body.

I either gave myself iodine or potassium poisoning. I stopped taking the potassium iodide tablets and within 2 to 3 weeks all of my ailments went away, except for the taste on my lips. I was able to get a bottle of Lugol's iodine from a veterinarian and started taking it. Within the week my skin was crawling and the sores started returning.

My conclusion is that iodine keeps the thyroid working as it should and is purging the heavy metals from the body. Problem is that we are so contaminated with fluorine that the aluminum metallic fibers will continue to be pushed through the skin. It may be possible to work all of this crap from the body until the discharges become mild or not noticed, but at the same time we are still taking in the fluoride poison and it has to be eliminated or will build up and cause more serious problems down the road.

It is possible that a small amount of iodine in the diet will help the thyroid clean the body over a long period of time, until it starts to break even. All I know is that the more iodine a person takes the more severe the Morgellons disease becomes.

Just my thoughts and I hope it will give some ideas to those that are suffering from this annoying disease.

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Posted 938 days ago
Hello Morgellons Article Contributor,

I couldn't believe what I was reading when I came upon your article.
The very same thing happened to me in that I took high potency potassium iodide 50mg tablets and now have developed sores on my arms. I think your theory that the thyroid gland is purging heavy metals from the body makes alot of sense. However, now I don't know whether I should take just a small amount of iodine or none at all.
In retrospect I think it was a mistake to take such a large amount of iodine at once. Wow, so glad I came upon this info.
don mau
Posted 902 days ago
New Research on how nanobacteria cause calcification in tissues that prevents antibiotics and other treatments from working. This nanobacteria commonly called Bartonella infection is very hard to detect and can only be detected using advanced methods. There is a newly developed method to overcome this nanobacteria calcification and once that is done treatments become much more effective.

Curing Lyme and Morgellons v=spjzJEME6kI
Posted 368 days ago
I once found tiny dot bite me on my stomach and when I lifted it off, it had a stringy substance attached to my skin. Of course I thought it was how one is infected with Magellon disease.
Posted 136 days ago
Be very careful with iodine. It is not meant to be used internally! I have been taking hormones for low thyroid for some time. You made me realize that my Morgellons flared up when I ran out of the hormones. Because my new doctor wouldn't prescribe a refill. I started feeling lousy and very tired.. Never thought of that as being connected until I just read this. I am 79, so I have a mouthful of a wide variety of metals. Yesterday I realized there were mites in a back cavity I didn't know I had. Removing these metals releases all this toxicity. It has to be done by a very knowledgeable spe [beep] t who understands the toxicity problem! Mine didn't so I refused to let him do anything. Trying to find a holistic dentist! We all have to push to get the government to recognize our problem. I sent an email to Reince Priebus last week!
Posted 129 days ago
odd, I was taking nascent iodine to treat a painful cyst that I gotten from massive mold inhalation which resulted in systemic yeast.

I never exceeded 15mg daily of Nascent Iodine. The iodine cleared up an otherwise painful cyst after 6 weeks use.

The systemic yeast took 6 months of Fluconazole and cycles of Doxycycline and Nystatin just to get a grip on this.

I had minor skin crawls and stinging after mold exposure and before I treated with iodine.

Others I know also Morg post iodine use.

I attempted to come off of the Fluconazole and chilled out a bit with the iodine. The tingles came back every time I attempted to stop Fluconazole (I am back on), regardless of how much iodine I was or wasnt taking.

Then strange symptoms of Lyme with no known tick bite.

I did 5 cycles of Ivermectin and one cycle of other antihelmintics. I sometimes still need a dose of Ivermectin to quell the crzay itch that happened post mold yeast.

I got the scalp rash and what felt like mites crawling all over my face and ears but I now know this was unlikely mites due to all the anithelmintics.

I cut sugar and bread completely for a few days and it went away. Mites dont care what you eat and wouldnt respond that quickly to diet change.

This could only be bacterial or fungal in my case but I swear it felt like mites and lots of them.

I now think it was Bartonella or a yeast expansion that was causing this sensation.

I am not saying that M.D. sufferers do not have worms or insects as many have worms.

But in my case it didnt make sense as I did the anti parasite meds and no one else in the family was affected.

Try cutting out all sugar and bread for a week the next time you feel this itch or mite sensation and tell me how you feel after.

I am doing research on this condition and if you wish you can contact me at

Your name will be kept confidential. I work with some very smart people and we are going to beat this thing.

The iodine may be detoxing all of the years of mercury, fluoride, and bromine we are exposed to and forcing it through the skin.

I am pre fibrous and am keeping the symptoms from getting worse without doctors.

Why should we pay people to tell us we are crazy? You are not crazy.
Posted 77 days ago
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